Municipalities have gradually become a segment that makes a noticeable difference to the sustainability transition. Today, almost 9 out of 10 Danish municipalities work with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. VisBlue has a close collaboration with municipalities around Denmark and has, with mutual pleasure, set up battery systems in various institutions and municipal buildings. The battery, and thereby the increased utilization of self-generated power, has contributed to a greener and more cost-effective profile in several municipalities

How do flow batteries fit into your municipality?

One of the major advantages of flow batteries is their scalability and modularity.

This means that the battery can be built with a large tank (kWh) and a small motor (kW), or a large motor and a small tank.

In order to be able to adapt the battery size to your consumption profile, we have a tool that, using two data sets, can determine the most reasonable combination of engine and tank.

In order to make this calculation, the following information is required:
- Extraction of the daily electricity consumption on an hourly basis over an entire year
- Extraction of the daily electricity production on an hourly basis over an entire year

You can log in at and get access to your master- and measurement data. Here, as a customer, you can get an overall overview of your electricity production and consumption. Access via:

You can easily switch between Danish and English. OBS: For clients based in Denmark

If you want to set up solar cells in connection with a battery, you can request a combined battery and solar cell simulation and this just needs to be stated in the email with the above information.

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preben obbekær


Preben obbekær

Municipal use

Almost 9 out of 10 municipalities are now working with the UN's global goals, and there is a great deal of focus on partnerships with companies in particular to achieve concrete results. Municipal sustainability takes the form of measures to ensure a reduction of CO2 emissions and energy optimization in the municipal buildings. VisBlue's battery system can make a noticeable difference in the goal of the goal about CO2 neutrality, a greener profile and black numbers on the bottom line for the municipality's investment in solar cells.

The combination of solar cells and battery ensures a more profitable use of the self-produced power, which is why the solar cell energy can be stored and used at times when the sun is not shining, but there is still consumption in the building. In this way, the energy that is not used during the sunny hours is stored, and this reduces the need to buy electricity expensively before later in the day. With a battery system, the solar investment, existing or on the drawing board, can be used optimally for a healthy and profitable investment.

Is your municipality looking for more information about the establishment of solar cells on municipal roofs? The National Association of Municipalities in Denmark has described the possibilities and rules for solar cells on municipal roofs at a meeting on 30 May 2022 and you can find the information from the meeting and the applicable rules for municipal solar cells via this link (in Danish):

Over the past few years, VisBlue has rolled out battery systems in several Danish municipalities, and we have close cooperation with several municipalities around the country. Are you instered in reading more about our installations in collaboration with municipalities? We have collected a selection of our municipal installations in case stories which you can access on this page.