Jyderup School

Jyderup School, Holbæk Municipality, Denmark

In the northwestern part of Zealand, in Holbæk Municipality, lies the town of Jyderup. The town is a railway town with approximately 4,300 inhabitants. A steadfast cornerstone in the town is Jyderup School. The school is situated in green surroundings with buildings rich in history and accommodates up to 450 students and 50 staff members daily.

Jyderup School has a close partnership with Holbæk Municipality. Holbæk Municipality has set an ambitious goal to be among the municipalities in the country with the lowest greenhouse gas emissions. This has already resulted in Jyderup School being equipped with solar panels on the school’s roof, but Holbæk Municipality has now taken it a step further.

A collaboration with the Aarhus-based company VisBlue has been established, resulting in Jyderup School now being further equipped with a redox flow battery designed to store excess solar energy from the school’s solar panels, so that this energy can be used at other times.

Before the collaboration with VisBlue, Jyderup School had a utilization rate of 27% of their solar panels, but with the addition of the battery, this rate has now increased to 40%. The utilization of solar energy has thus been significantly optimized, leading to an annual saving of 60,000 DKK for the municipality. Furthermore, this initiative is part of the plan to be a green municipality. Holbæk Municipality plans to achieve a 70% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030, and the investment in a VisBlue redox flow battery is a step in the right direction. By optimizing the utilization of the school's solar panels, Holbæk Municipality now manages to save 4,100 kg of CO2 annually.

In this way, Holbæk Municipality can be said to be a municipality that commits to its goals and brings them to life. The collaboration between Holbæk Municipality and VisBlue is an excellent example of how green profiling can be beneficial not only for the climate but also for operational costs. With the battery, the annual savings on the electricity bill also mean that the battery will pay for itself in 7-8 years. With a lifespan of at least 20 years, this will mean a total saving of up to 800,000 DKK over the battery's lifetime.Going green pays off.