The story of VisBlue

Our history started 9 years ago...

Primo 2014
VisBlue is founded by Adelio Mendes, Anders Bentien, Morten Madsen and Søren Bødker.

A four-leaf clover from two universities: VisBlue is a Danish/Portuguese spinout company from Aarhus University and the University of Porto, based on a patented invention created by Adelio Mendes (left) and Anders Bentien (middle). Morten Madsen (bottom) brings his knowledge within power electronics to the team, and Søren Bødker (right) is responsible for the commercial part of the company.
Ultimo 2014
Borean Innovation invests in VisBlue.

This investment secured VisBlue ability to develop a battery from being a laboratory project to being the commercial product that it is today.

VisBlue has also been supported by the Danish Agency for Research and Innovation over time
borean innovation
VisBlue qualifies for support money from the EU
The beginning of 2018 saw the first commercial sale to the island of Livø.

Additionally, we entered into a partnership with Contour Advanced Systems BV, who thus became one of our distributors, where our battery installations are implemented and installed in containers from Contour.

We also entered into a partnership with 'NRGi's Værdipulje'.
livø case
We started the delivery of our first large-scale installation

We also signed a collaboration with CIRKEL Energi.

The collaboration with CIRKEL Energi helps us tremendously to expand our business opportunities within the sustainable energy sector in Denmark and Germany.

cirkel energi
March 2020
We started an exciting project (DanFlow) in collaboration with DTU Energy, the Korea Institute of Science and Technology and Danish Power Systems. The project is supported by Innovation Fund Denmark and led by VisBlue's own Anders Bentien through Aarhus University.
Medio 2020
Our battieres were approved by Dansk Energi, and are therefore now on the positive list for battery systems.

Borean Innovation was bought out. VisBlue is now owned by the three co-founders Morten Madsen, Anders Bentien og Søren Bødker as well as four private Business Angels Jesper Andersen, Kim G. Christensen, Ole Lysgård Madsen and Peter Aaby.
dansk energi
October 2020
VisBlue became co-founder of Vasco da Gama

VisBlue became co-founder of Vasco da Gama, a Portuguese consortium that intends to merge key Portuguese partners in the energy industry within the academic corporate and startup sector.

vasco da gama colab
The operation assurance app was developed and runs on a large screen in our office, where the operation of our installations is monitored, so that we can keep an eye on the functionality of our customers' batteries in real time.

We entered into a new supplier agreement with German Schmalz, who will supply our stacks to the Scandinavian market.

In a few years, VisBlue expects to be an international brand on the market for sustainable energy. The goal is to be a natural part of any major residential building where the energy account includes solar panels.

Solar energy storage is a key quantity in the calculations and can easily determine whether the investment in solar panels is worthwhile - and whether the extension meets the energy requirements of the legislation.

Our technology creates new standards for green energy utilisation, and development continues in the pursuit of greater efficiency for less money.

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