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preben obbekær


Preben obbekær

Does our battery fit in your self-governing institution?

The system we offer can be built as needed. This means that the battery can be built with a large tank (kWh) and a small motor (kW), or a large motor and a small tank.

In order to be able to adapt the battery size to your consumption profile, we have a tool that, using two data sets, can determine the most reasonable combination of engine and tank.

In order to make this calculation, the following information is required:

You can log in at and get access to your master- and measurement data. Here, as a customer, you can get an overall overview of your electricity production and consumption. Access via:

You can easily switch between Danish and English. OBS: For clients based in Denmark

If you want to set up solar cells in connection with a battery, you can request a combined battery and solar cell simulation and this just needs to be stated in the email with the above information.

Send an email for a customized calculation

Self-governing institutions

The green transition is top of mind for many schools in Denmark. Therefore, more schools are integrating sustainable batteries that help with the goal of CO2 neutrality, energy optimization and world goal aspirations with an investment that provides a healthy and sustainable operating economy and that makes solar investments profitable.

In addition to contributing positively to the green transition, the energy and batteries of the future can also be used in teaching, and here VisBlue can assist with planning and material for teaching.

Would you like to read more about our installations at high schools and colleges in Denmark? We have collected descriptions of our installations at independent institutions on this page where you can find out why a battery system is a good idea for an independent institution.

The Danish Energy Agency supports the implementation of green energy projects in private companies, which can apply for subsidies for almost all projects that save energy. The grant covers up to 50% of the costs, which can help with resilience to rising energy prices and at the same time strengthen competitiveness.