Bæredygtigt energilager

Med et batteri fra Visblue kan du bruge grøn strøm om natten, holde høje med dit forbug og købe strøm fra nettet når priserne er lave. Det er et bæredygtigt, sikkert og skalérbart system med lang levetid

Use of the Flowbattery

VisBlue today installs systems in Denmark and around Europe.

With the goal of CO2 neutrality, the need for energy storage is increasing and sustainable solutions are necessary for this.

In short, with a battery from VisBlue, you use much more of the power your renewable energy sources produce, which results in a smaller purchase of power from the electricity grid, which means cheaper electricity bills.

We also increase the utilisation rate of solar energy and make our batteries from recyclable material.

As we use recyclable material to make our batteries, this means that these are 99% usable. It consists of parts that are easy to recycle and the battery itself is built so that it is easy to separate and recycle.
Read more about our materials here

Here you can read about some of our battery installations and learn more about how a VisBlue battery works in practice and what options it offers.

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About VisBlue

We are a small company with big ambitions. We strive to make the world a better place to be and have a hope that our children and future generations will be handed a globe that is still habitable and rests on a foundation of sustainable solutions. We therefore make solar energy a bright business , because our customers can store the energy and use it as needed - rather than sending it back to the grid at a low settlement price.