New technology for green energy storage

battery with solar cells

Sustainable battery solution for power storage

Storage of power stabilises operation costs, helps maintain the security of supply and indulges the rather wavering legislation.

A VisBlue battery enables you to use green power during the night, keep track of your consumption and purchase power when prices are low. The battery is sustainable, safe and scalable and has a life expectancy of more than 20 years.

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So many advantages!

You get plenty of advantages, when you use VisBlue's battery solution.

battery green

Green - 99% is recyclable

battery long lifetime

Long lifetime - 20+ years

safe no burn

Safe - cannot burn or explode

scalable battery

Scalable - to fit exactly your needs

Bæredygtigt energilager

Med et batteri fra Visblue kan du bruge grøn strøm om natten, holde høje med dit forbug og købe strøm fra nettet når priserne er lave. Det er et bæredygtigt, sikkert og skalérbart system med lang levetid

Your path torenewable energy

your path to renewable energy

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Why solar?

Why wind?

Why battery?

Why lithium?

Why lead?

Why redox flow?

What is kWh?

Where do I find my kWh consumptions?

Which data?

We are responsible

At VisBlue, we are green in our DNA. Therefore, working with the UN SDGs is a matter close to our hearts.

We want to take the lead and help create a better and greener tomorrow for you and those closest to you.

We commit to sustainable and responsible production of our batteries.

At VisBlue we commit to 10 out of the 17 SDGs.

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VisBlue wins the category ''Clean Energy and Environmental Impact Reduction''

VisBlue has been selected as winner in the ''Call for Innovation - Design the Sustainable Future of Manufacturing'' by Philip Morris International in the category ''Clean Energy and Environmental Impact Reduction'' gets a major upgrade!

As the interest for VisBlue increases from abroad, we at VisBlue have prioritised updating completely!


A Life Cycle Assessment has been conducted on VisBlue's battery solution.

Update for the manufacturing

We got our own forklift!

Installation in the Bengerds hall in the Ringsted municipality

Ringsted municipality has published a press release about the new installation of VisBlue's battery in the Bengerds Hall

Build, test, install & repeat!

We produce lots of batteries so that we can reach all installation locations before Christmas🛷🔋

We love teaching and telling about VisBlue!

We visited the IDA event and were visited at the head office in Aarhus by energy technologists from Aarhus University

VisFlow Updates in 2022

VisFlow applications 2022: Storage of green energy and control adaptively according to electricity prices

Green energy from basement to branch

We have had the pleasure of giving a presentation on flow batteries in the ''machine room'' for one of our school installations

Your order has been delivered!

We have received 64 pallet tanks at our head office in Aarhus!

Visit from the Aarhus economic committee

We have had a visit from the economic committee from the Municipality of Aarhus on the occasion of their visit to sustainable companies in East Jutland.

Cooperation on sustainable development

Cooperation on sustainable development across the Atlantic

Assessment of sustainable development

Danish building regulations assess sustainable development 🌱

Rising electricity prices and more demands

Denmark: Rising electricity prices and more demands for a green transition 📈

Installation at Jyderup School

Jyderup School, located in the Municipality of Holbæk's green surroundings, has now had a flow battery installed🔋

Installation at Strandskolen in Risskov

In addition to saving and optimizing electricity, batteries can also be used to teach school children about energy and sustainability

New systems

We are in the process of producing new systems for our customers. One of these is a container solution.

Upcoming events


Most asked questions

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What is the lifetime of a battery solution from VisBlue?

Our battery solutions have a lifespan of more than 20 years.

In theory, the lifespan of a battery solution that consists of vanadium electrolyte is infinite. Vanadium, in principle, never wears out because of a chemical reaction, as vanadium is also rechargeable.

The remaining components of our battery solutions also have a long lifespan, such as the plastic tanks, which store the vanadium electrolyte, that can last for decades, and the involved electronics, which are easily upgradable.

Is a battery solution from VisBlue scalable?

Yes, our battery solution is scalable and can be tailored to fit the needs of the customer.

This is possible, as we can both design and arrange the desired number of VisBlue units to meet the energy requirements of the customer. To determine the customer’s energy requirements, we begin with a specific calculation of exactly this, along with the expectations of the customer.

Our calculations are accomplished with the help of advanced simulation software, which we ourselves have developed for the occasion.

One of VisBlue’s strengths lies in our ability to calculate the exact needs, expectations, and requirements of our customers, so that they receive an optimal battery solution, that agrees with their initial wants and wishes.

What does a battery solution from VisBlue cost?

It is difficult to determine the exact price of our battery solution, as every single one of our battery solutions are different, in principle.

The VisBlue Battery Solution is custom made for the specific customer at hand, so as it meets whatever energy requirements the customer may have.

Please, feel free to contact us to see if we can tailor a solution that fits exactly your needs.

Write to us at
Is a battery solution from VisBlue recyclable?

Yes, the majority of the components in our battery solutions are recyclable.

99% to be exact.

The core of a VisBlue Battery Solution consists of the following major components: an electrolyte stack and two tanks, which are made of conventional plastic, and these are either recyclable or reusable. Furthermore, two metal plates hold the stack together, and these are also recyclable.

A battery solution from VisBlue consists of the following major operating components: vanadium electrolyte, tanks, pumps, and electrode stack. These components are separated and are therefore easy to remove and recycle separately.