Strandskolen, Aarhus Municipality, Denmark

In Risskov, Aarhus municipality, lies Strandskolen. The primary goal of Strandskolen is to foster academic excellence, well-being, and community among its many students who attend daily. In addition to central values focusing on students' learning and welfare, the school has also chosen to maintain a continuous focus on sustainable development. Therefore, Strandskolen has opted to work towards and incorporate the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which not only adorn every classroom but are also integrated into lessons and discussions. As part of this commitment, Strandskolen dedicates one week each year specifically to work on the SDGs, aiming to garner greater community involvement in this initiative.

Strandskolen juggles many of the UN's 17 "goal balls" simultaneously, with activities such as paper sorting and consumption being regular features of the school's operations. Sustainable energy is also a pivotal focus, with the school opting to implement solar power as a cornerstone of its sustainable energy efforts. Strandskolen has installed a VisBlue battery system, approximately 8 kW 40 kWh in size, housed in a 20-foot container with plexiglass on the school grounds for all students to monitor its operation. Furthermore, a smaller prototype of the battery is used in physics and chemistry classes, allowing students to explore firsthand the capabilities of such technology in sustainable energy and how creativity can be leveraged to address global challenges.

The decision to invest in sustainable energy is driven by the belief that Strandskolen's students should be well-prepared to assume the role of global citizens. Thus, the work on the UN's SDGs is integral to equipping students with the skills and mindset necessary to lead fulfilling lives and leave the world in good condition for future generations. It is therefore a central ambition of Strandskolen that its students acquire global citizenship and, ultimately, are capable of meeting tomorrow's challenges with responsibility and creativity.

By acquiring an 8 kW 40 kWh battery system from VisBlue, Strandskolen reinforces its commitment to sustainability, specifically targeting UN SDG 7, "Affordable and Clean Energy." Strandskolen not only stores its own solar energy with significant financial savings but also promotes growth, helps the environment, and thereby actively engages in sustainable development.