Made of high-quality and 99% reusable materials

At VisBlue, we believe in using high-quality materials to ensure maximum performance and longevity of our battery products. Our redox flow battery is designed to provide reliable, long-duration energy storage for a wide range of applications.

The battery consists of several key materials that work together to generate a flow of electricity, and we've carefully selected these materials to provide optimal performance and durability. We're proud to say that our battery is made up of 99% reusable materials, making it a sustainable choice for energy storage.


The electrolyte is a critical component of our redox flow battery, as it provides the medium for the flow of ions between the electrodes. The electrolyte used in our battery is a vanadium-based solution that consists of 85% water, which has several advantages over other electrolytes. In addition to its high solubility, low toxicity, and long cycle life, the use of water as a primary component of the electrolyte makes our battery more environmentally friendly and safer to handle.

visblue battery demo model
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The membrane is used to separate the two electrodes in the cell stack and prevent the mixing of the electrolyte solutions. The membrane used in our battery is made from a high-performance polymer material that provides excellent ion transport properties and durability.

From the vanadium-based electrolyte to the high-performance membrane and carbon-based electrodes, our materials are carefully chosen for their performance and environmental benefits.

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The two electrodes in a redox flow battery are responsible for the oxidation and reduction reactions that generate the flow of electricity. The electrodes used in our battery are made from carbon-based materials, which have a high surface area and excellent electrical conductivity. This enables our battery to provide a high-power output and a long cycle life.

visblue battery electrolyte
visblue tanks


The tanks in a redox flow battery are used to store the electrolyte solutions and control the flow of the solutions through the cell stack. In our battery, we use high-quality tanks that are made from corrosion-resistant materials and have a long service life. We're also proud to say that our tanks are designed to be reused, which reduces waste and further enhances the sustainability of our energy storage solution. By prioritising durability and sustainability in the design of our tanks, we're able to offer a reliable and eco-friendly energy storage solution.


The hydraulics in a redox flow battery mainly consist of pumps that circulate the electrolyte solutions through the cell stack and regulate the flow rate. In our battery, we use hydraulics that are designed for high efficiency and low power consumption. This helps to maximize the energy storage capacity of the battery by reducing energy losses in the pumping process.


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