New standards for green energy

At VisBlue, we strive to make the world a better place to be. This vision is based on a hope that our children and future generations will be handed a planet that is still habitable and rests on a foundation of sustainable solutions.

In order to fulfill this wish, we as citizens of the world must take part in a comprehensive restructuring of our energy consumption so that we can be CO2 neutral within the foreseeable future, in line with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. If this goal is to be achieved, it requires an action-oriented transition to renewable energy sources.

VisBlue supports the SDGs
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Energy in the flow

Combustion of coal and gas must be an undertaking that we look back on within 10 years as a past necessity. Instead, we must focus our resources on, among other things, solar and wind energy.

At VisBlue, we work to pave the way for this transition, first of all through our product, but also to a large extent through our energetic way of thinking, which also appears through our statements; 'energy in the flow'.

Small company
- big ambitions

We are a small company with big ambitions. Not sharpened to our enterprise, but in particular with our relationship with each other. We expect to be a prominent international player within a short number of years.

The ambition is to be a natural part of any major housing project where the energy account involves renewable energy, such as solar cells. In Denmark, we already have a close collaboration with countless municipalities across the country, and we hope that in the long term our battery solution can be perceived as just as basic a part of a building as e.g. the roofing is today.

It is very important for us to announce that we are not only interested in green conversion for "the sake of conversion", but that we are sincerely interested in taking the customer on a path towards a greener world for the sake of all of us.

Green investments can provide green numbers on the bottom line, and can thus generate cash savings

battery with solar cells

We create a bright future for energy storage

With the spread of our product, housing projects will be able to look forward to an increase in the utilisation of their self-produced energy. This will happen through the storage process that takes place in the Redox Flow battery, and which will also be decisive for buildings to be less dependent on purchasing additional energy from the electricity grid, produced by burning fossil fuels.

Therefore, storing solar energy is an important part of the calculation and can easily be decisive for whether the investment in solar cells pays off - and for whether the building meets the statutory energy requirements. Our technology sets new standards for the utilisation of green energy and we continue the development towards greater efficiency for less money.

''Our product should be included as a natural consideration for everyone who is considering getting or has already acquired solar cells''

We make solar energy a bright business
- even at night

It is a worldwide concern to make alternative, sustainable energy sources even more attractive. And that is exactly what we do in VisBlue. We make solar energy a bright business because our customers can store the energy and use it as needed - rather than sending it back to the grid at a low settlement price

Twice as good utilization

The typical owner of a solar system uses only approx. 30 percent of the solar energy - the rest is sold back to the grid. With our smaller plant, the owner utilises up to 75 percent, which makes solar energy a significantly better investment. And with a sufficiently large battery, the owner can strictly utilise all of the stored energy.

Sammenligning af solcelle med og uden visblues batteri