Livø – the first island in Denmark to install a VisBlue battery


Livø, a small Danish island located in Limfjord, has now had a VisBlue battery installed. The island is completely isolated from the mainland and is protected by the Norwegian Nature Agency. Livø is also the first island in Denmark to have a vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) installed. The electricity that is produced on Livø is used by the island's city of Livø, the residents of the island, tourism, and separate buildings.

livø battery

This is how it started

The project that Livø should be supplied with sustainable energy started back in 2012 and will continue until 2024. The project is a collaboration with COWI, Aalborg University, ForskEL, Realdania and VisBlue.

Right back at the beginning of the project, Livø showed great interest in sustainable energy solutions, which led to interest in a collaboration with VisBlue.

Completely disconnected

Livø can be described as an off-grid project because the island is completely self-sufficient when it comes to electricity.

Here, VisBlue's battery now supplies the island with a stable and reliable flow of electricity. Previously, the island depended on generating power from three diesel engines, which was recently accompanied by solar cells and a small wind turbine.

Now VisBlue's battery is also part of Livø's power supply. VisBlue's battery has been installed with the island's growing electricity needs in mind, and therefore the battery can be upgraded to have greater power and capacity in the future.

Battery, sun and wind in harmony

The combination of the VisBlue battery's ability to store excess energy from both solar cells and wind turbines is exciting.

The energy produced from both solar and wind energy is on its own irregular and unreliable, and therefore residents and facilities on Livø are also supplied with the stored energy from the VisBlue battery, so that the island can get green power when the sun does not shine and the wind does not fan.