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You are welcome to contact us, If you are interested in joining our distributor or partner network.

Write to us at sales@visblue.comCall us on +45 71 996 996
TETICO acts as a commercial gateway between stakeholders to produce business globally since 1950.

Combined with established business acumen, the companies we represent have become more efficient and more profitable in the markets we are active in.

Tetico is a key member of the renewable energy sector, through investments as well as support to international developers and technology producers.

Tetico operates in Turkey.
Mahatma Gandi Caddesi No:35/3 Gaziosmanpaşa
06700 Ankara
cirkel energi
CIRKEL Energi operate in Denmark and Germany.
Farvervej 35
8800 Viborg
Contour Advanced Systems B.V.
Contour Advanced Systems B.V. is a well-known system integrator from the Netherlands that provides the complete chain of development and engineering to manufacturing, assembly, installation, and service to the market.

The company has built up a reputation for energy systems related to a range of markets with high quality needs and long-lasting solutions.

Together Contour and VisBlue produce 200 kWh+ systems.
Aaltenseweg 52
7051 CM Varsseveld