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Container solution

The container solution has a scalable output up to 60kW (in steps of 10) and a scalable capacity up to 360 kWh. Several container modules can be put together and operate as one battery if larger systems are desired.


Container size: 20 [ft]
Footprint: 2440 x 6060 [mm] (W x D)
Height: 2590 [mm]
Weight: 29700 [kg]
Design life: 20,000/20 [cycles/year]


Communication: Remote access through LAN with open control through Modbus TCP (address list upon request)
Battery control: Charge/discharge is controlled by input from energy meter. Charging/discharging is controlled by input from external master.

Electrolyte temperature: 0 to +35 [°C]
Humidity: 95% RH non-condensing
Ventilation: Depending on installation location. Cooling/heating can be installed.
Safety: Non-flammable and non-explosive due to water-based electrolyte

Peak power charge/discharge: 1,1 x nominal power. 5 min. on/off
DC Efficiency (Stack): 87 [%] DC round trip Includes both charge/discharge efficiency. Depending on load profile.
AC efficiency (system) @ rated power: 67 [%]. AC roundtrip includes both charge/discharge efficiency. Depending on load profile.
DC voltage: 40 to 60 [V]
AC voltage: 1 x 230 // 3 x 400 50Hz [VAC]
Grid connection: 1 to 3 [phase(s)]
Depth of Charge/Discharge: 3 to 80%
Response time: <20 [ms]
Self-discharge: <0.3% of full capacity per day (pumps stopped). <100Wh per day for 33kWh systems

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