Bosei Sports College, Vordingborg, Denmark

In the northeastern part of Vordingborg municipality, you will find the scenic area of Præstø and Bosei Sports College. As the name suggests, Bosei was formerly a Japanese boarding school. Today, however, Bosei is a classic sports high school with an Asian influence.
In addition to being a hub for youth, Bosei is also interested in sustainability. This is reflected, among other things, through Bosei's kitchen garden, which not only supplies the sports high school but also two local restaurants.
Bosei is also dedicated to green energy, as evidenced by their investments in renewable energy.
In fact, Bosei can boast of being the first Danish high school to invest in both solar panels and a flow battery.
The solar panels can be found in a field behind Bosei, while the flow battery is located in the basement under the school. Together, they ensure that Bosei has green energy in the outlets, even when the sun is not shining.
The flow battery, with an output of 16 kW and a capacity of 100 kWh, can store the excess energy from the solar panels during peak sunlight hours and save it for after dark, times when the school would otherwise need to buy electricity from the grid.
It also means that the school can store self-produced electricity from days when the school is empty, such as weekends and holidays, and save it for the days when the students are actually at the school, namely weekdays.
This way, the school gets over 20,000 kWh annually from their self-produced green and free solar power, which corresponds to the annual energy consumption of six average Danish families.