Vacha, Czech Republic

Vacha Installation

Stavitelství Vácha is a Czech construction company and one of VisBlue's international collaborators. Vácha is a family-owned business that builds grocery stores for retailers such as Lidl and Tesco.

Vácha is a company with a pronounced green DNA, and with its investment in a VisBlue redox flow battery, it contributes to the green transition by reducing its environmental impact.

From the project's inception, Vácha aimed to minimize the consumption of purchased energy from foreign energy sources. Therefore, Vácha installed a solar power system followed by a 45 kW 225 kWh redox flow battery from VisBlue. The combination of the solar panels and battery reduces the company’s annual emissions by 113 tons. This reduction is due to Vácha's decreased purchase of foreign energy by 112,040 kWh annually moving forward.

Several aspects of this project have a positive impact both locally and globally. Locally, Vácha reduces its CO2 footprint, thereby maintaining the health of its employees and residents in the region. Globally, Vácha demonstrates how a family-owned business can lead the green transition, setting an example for countless other industrial companies. The industry undeniably plays a significant role in the climate challenges we face today, and therefore, this sector must also take significant responsibility in the green transition. Vácha is a shining example of how this responsibility should be handled, and thus stands as an irrefutable beacon in the climate debate.

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