Eurowind Energy, Denmark

Eurowind Energy

Research-Oriented Demonstration of Stored Renewable Energy

Eurowind Energy A/S is a company headquartered in Hobro that, as the name might suggest, deals with renewable energy. The company works with both wind and solar energy. Eurowind engages in various projects within solar and wind energy, developing projects in collaboration with local forces to promote the spread of renewable energy.

Today, the company operates in 14 countries and strives daily to make renewable energy a more tangible topic for the interested customer. In this way, Eurowind demonstrates that renewable energy is the energy source of the future and that they, as a company, are the natural link between users and providers in the energy sector.

In 2019, a project was initiated when Eurowind invested in a battery from Visblue. The battery was a VisFlow battery with a power output of 10 kW and a capacity of 80 kWh, reflecting Eurowind's interest in the Aarhus-based company and its product. With this investment, Eurowind manifests that their core interest is to trial projects, and they do so with the help of local expertise.

The VisFlow battery is now on demonstration at Eurowind, allowing potential customers to inspect the battery in connection with both solar panel systems and wind turbines. Eurowind and VisBlue have also shown that they share many core values. Both companies work daily to promote sustainability. While Eurowind is mainly focused on the production of energy, VisBlue focuses on how energy can be stored and later used by the producers themselves.