Bosei - the first Danish sports college with a green hybrid plant

Præstø is an outstanding area of natural beauty and is located in the north-eastern part of Vordingborg municipality. The area is notoriously known for its fjord which lends itself for activities such as kayaking, fishing and diving. Additionally, the beautiful forests constitute a memorable scenery while also being a suitable ground for exercise.

sports college bosei

As a continuous actor with influence on daily life in Præstø and further located close to forest as well as the fjord is the sports college of Bosei. As the name indicates, the college is a former Japanese boarding school. Today, Bosei is a classical sports college but with a Japanese twist. Bosei cherishes diversity and offers a wide range of courses and activities such as martial arts, adventure and Esport.

Besides being a welcoming center of youth, Bosei also invests themself in subjects of sustainability. Among others, Bosei is equipped with a vegetable garden that supplies the school kitchen as well as 2 local restaurants in the nearby area. Another sustainable initiative is Bosei’s attention towards the transition to green energy. In 2021 Bosei had solar panels installed on a field close to the Bosei campus. Additionally, the solar plant has been connected to a battery installation from VisBlue with 16 kW 200 kWh. The combination of solar panels and the battery installation now equips Bosei with a green hybrid plant, almost like a power bank, that successfully stores solar energy from the school's off-season, so that it may be used when in-season comes knocking.  

The installation places Bosei as the first Danish sports college with a green hybrid plant. The school is therefore a frontrunner when it comes to the transition of sustainable extraction and storage of green energy. As well as purely philanthropic gains, Bosei can furthermore look forward to the utilisation of an additional 26.949-kilowatt hours (kWh) from their own production of solar energy on a yearly basis. This increase amounts to the same energy consumption as 6 average families spend on a year.