Mollerup Golf Club

In the outskirts of Aarhus, specifically in Risskov, you will find Mollerup Golf Club. The club's name originates from the fact that the place used to be a farm with up to 82 acres of land. In 1968, the first course was opened at Mollerupgaard, when Aarhus Golf Club could present the first 9-hole course in the beautiful surroundings. Since then, the club has officially opened in 1993, and today the club is known as "Denmark's friendliest golf club".

mollerup golf club

Mollerup Golf Club is described with numerous bylaws on their website that have been established by the club's board. Among other things, the club has a vision of being "a club that leads the way". This vision is reflected in the club's high expectations of itself. Mollerup Golf Club expresses a strong desire to set high standards for themselves and also to shape the local community in a positive direction. To maintain these expectations, the club has set up 3 core values that should guide the club's well-being; Respect, Community and Responsibility. These 3 basic values should be considered as the underlying framework for how the club operates internally as well as the reason for the club's desire to give something back to the next generation. 

In light of these philanthropic thoughts, Mollerup Golf Club has installed solar panels on the roof and furthermore entered into a partnership with VisBlue for the installation of a redox flow battery with a size of 5 kW 40 kWh. By connecting the solar panels and battery, it is expected that the utilisation of the club's own produced power will increase by up to 75%. Practically, the battery will be able to store solar energy for later use, so that Mollerup Golf Club is not forced to buy power from the grid at night or when the sun is not shining. Instead, the battery will be able to deliver stored energy and thus reduce the golf club's purchase of power from the grid. 

It is expected that the battery can reduce the club's purchase of power from the grid by at least 50%. 

VisBlue and Mollerup Golf Club hope that their cooperation can serve as an example for other golf clubs and, in general, other sectors that aim for energy efficiency.