Research-oriented demonstration of storage of renewable energy

Eurowind Energy A/S is a company located in Hobro. As the company name indicates, Eurowind engages in renewable energy sources and specifically wind- and solar energy. Eurowind’s projects are usually concerned with wind- and solar energy and they are carried out in collaboration with local forces to widen the attention towards renewable energy sources.

eurowind energy

Today, Eurowind operates in 14 countries as they take on the comprehensive task of making renewable energy sources more tangible for possible customers. In this regard, Eurowind poses as a link between consumer and supplier by proposing renewable energy sources as the energy sourcing of the future.

In 2019, a new project emerged as Eurowind invested in a battery from VisBlue. The battery was a VisFlow battery with the power of 10 kW and a capacity of 80 kWh. The initial contact was established as Eurowind recognized potentiality in VisBlue and our battery solution. The investment in a VisBlue battery suggests that Eurowind truly are committed in testing new pioneer energy solutions and that they look towards local companies in doing so.

Today, the VisFlow battery is placed for demonstration purposes at Eurowind. Here, potential customers can inspect the battery as an extension of solar- or wind energy production. As a final testament to the Eurowind and VisBlue cooperation, the two companies do have harmonising corevalues as both companies work with sustainable energy sourcing. Eurowind with a focus towards the production and initial sources of renewable energy, where as VisBlue looks toward the later storage and ultimate use of the energy.