Housing associations
20 kW VisBlue flow battery with 200 kWh

VisBlue elevates Frederikshavn Boligforening's energy renovation of Koktved with an environmentally friendly flow battery.

At Frederikshavn Housing Association, department 6, Koktved, a thorough renovation is underway to future-proof the department's 102 rental apartments. In this connection, a number of energy efficiency measures have been implemented to ensure a lower and greener energy consumption. The latest measure is a 20 kW VisBlue flow battery with 200 kWh.

While the housing association is not affraid to name themselves the champions of energy savings, their experience with sustainability was limited back in 2020, when the renovation project was planned.

"We are the hundred meter champion in energy savings; and we will also be when it comes to sustainability.”

Brian Thomsen, head of development, Frederikshavn Boligforening.

However, the will to become one was there and with financial support from Realdania's pool "Together on sustainable construction", enabled them to set the bar high with regards to the three sustainability buttom lines: Environmental, Social and Governance.

Energy optimisation with flow batteries

One of the sustainability measures the housing association has decided to pursue is energy optimisation with flow batteries in combination with solar cells. Here, they see a great potential for energy and environmental savings.

"We see great potential for energy and environmental savings, as the flow battery gives the housing association the opportunity to store the self-produced energy from the building's solar cells and make use of it at a later time."

- Brian Thomsen.