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VisBlue enters partnership with Dutch Contour Advanced Systems BV

October 5, 2018

VisBlue has signed a partnership agreement with Contour Advanced Systems BV, a subsidiary of Contour Group BV.

This partnership agreement will expand the business opportunities for both parties, where VisBlue can offer a turn key solution for its energy storage solutions and Contour can increase its offerings in its respective markets.

Batteries in containers

An agreement between Contour Advanced Systems BV and VisBlue has just been finalised, and this agreement consists of two parts.

The first part of the collaboration involves a distribution arrangement, where Contour Advanced Systems BV will become a distributor and sell VisBlue’s Battery Systems in the Dutch market. The second part of the collaboration regards a container solution, where VisBlue’s Battery Solutions will be implemented and installed in containers from Contour Advanced Systems BV.

A new adventure begins

Managing Director of Contour Advanced Systems BV Eric Klaassen is very positive regarding the partnership with VisBlue.

“We are very pleased to be part of the challenging energy transition with VisBlue. VisBlue’s flow battery technology is leading in the market and has built up a solid track record. With Contour’s system integration experience, we are convinced that we can jointly offer the market a top energy storage solution.”

- Eric Klaasen, Contour

“This is the start of a new and exciting adventure for VisBlue” Søren Bødker, CEO of VisBlue, adds.

He continues, “Our collaboration with Contour will help us in two ways. First of all, they will help us in entering the Dutch market, along with an understanding of it. Second of all, Contour brings with them a skillset within the system integration and construction of containers, a knowledge which we greatly appreciate. All in all, we look very much forward to working together with Contour.”

Contour Group BV & Contour Advanced Systems

Contour Group BV is a value supplier and business partner situated in the Netherlands. Contour Advanced Systems BV dates back to 1905 and became a part of Contour Group BV in 2012. Contour Advanced Systems BV specialise in High-Tech projects and system integration.


VisBlue is a Danish/Portuguese spinout company from Aarhus University and the University of Porto and was founded in 2014. VisBlue commercialises vanadium redox flow batteries and has an office in Aarhus, Denmark, with eight employees, and an office in Porto, Portugal, with one employee.

Further information

Contour Advanced Systems BV: Eric Klaassen, Managing Director,, +31619723177
VisBlue: Søren Bødker, CEO,, +45 2166 3575