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Milestones 2019

February 17, 2020

2019 has come to an end. And with it, our most exciting year yet has come to an end.

We want to thank all of you who have shown us support and interest throughout the year. We have quite a few plans for 2020, but first let us wrap up last year’s events and highlights.

Company highlights

Our aesthetics had quite a makeover in 2019. Our indoor modules were designed by 3PART in our distinct blue colours. Our new design had its debut at the Energy Storage Europe 2019 fair in Düsseldorf, where its curves and colours impressed the visitors at our booth.

2019 also proved to be the year, where we focused even more on communicating our dedications to sustainability and responsibility. We launched our first campaign, which involved our contributions to the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). This has become a core part of our CSR strategy.

Another major event surpassed at the end of the year. WE TURNED FIVE and we celebrated our birthday in the only appropriate manner – of course we are talking about cake here!

The year culminated with our annual office Christmas party. At the party everyone from the Aarhus headquarters, along with our board members, enjoyed classical Danish Christmas food and good company.

Fairs and events

2019 was our biggest year yet, when looking at the number of fairs we attended. Our fair attendance ranged from local and national to international exhibitions.

At the beginning of the year, we went to Düsseldorf, Germany, to exhibit at the Energy Storage Europe 2019 fair in March for the second time. Here, we nursed existing business relations, as well as created new ones. Same month, we exhibited at Dansk Vindmølleforening’s (Danish Wind Turbine Association) annual meeting in Denmark, to gain specific insights in this sector of the renewable energy market.

In May, we exhibited at the Electrical Energy Storage 2019 fair in Munich, Germany, which broadened our general knowledge within solar power, energy management, power-to-X, etc. Here, we also took advantage of our trip abroad and brought everyone from our headquarter in Aarhus with us for a corporate getaway.

Our CEO Søren Bødker enjoyed sunny France in July, when he visited the International Flow Battery Forum in Lyon.

In the fall, we exhibited at the hi Tech and Industry fair in Denmark. Here, we luckily won our first award, the hi Sustainable Development Award. Our win resulted in a great deal of media attention and more Danish interest in the field of energy storage.

A month later, Paris called out our names and we exhibited at the European Utility Week 2019 to learn more about DSOs (distribution system operators) and the challenges that these are facing.

We ended 2019 with two local exhibitions in our hometown Aarhus. The first was a kick-off of the Danish version of Global Entrepreneurship Week and the second was held by Aarhus’ climate secretariat Go Green with Aarhus.

New customers

We initiated several new projects this year and delivered already existing projects to our customers. Among these, we began to work on our first container solution for a Dutch customer that we will complete in 2020.

Earlier in the year, we completed and delivered an installation to our Danish customer Eurowind Energy, a leading developer and operator of wind turbines and PV projects. The installation consists of two separate battery solutions of 5 kW@50 kWh.

New partnerships

Halfway through 2019, we signed a partnership agreement with CIRKEL ENERGI. This partnership has and will continue to help us expand business opportunities within the renewable energy sector in Denmark and Germany.

New VisBluers

2019 proved to be very significant for us, as we welcomed two new employees.

The first being our investor Kim G. Christensen, who for the past six months has been a regular part of the VisBlue team. Jacob, our new R&D Engineer, joined us in December and his area of focus is mechanical design.

Both new VisBluers have brought a lot of fresh and positive energy to the existing VisBlue Team and we are extremely grateful to have them aboard.


As you probably know we loooove projects, research, and development! Last year was no different and during the year we managed to start quite a few interesting collaborations with relevant stakeholders.

We began the CUBER project together with AU Engineering, Aarhus University, Fraunhofer Institute ICT, Aalto University, and Universitá di Bologna. The CUBER project aims to test if copper can replace vanadium in redox flow batteries.

During the year, we participated in the Next Step Challenge 2019 programme, which helped us further develop and mature our sales strategy.

Throughout 2019, we continued our collaboration with NRGi’s Værdipulje. The purpose of this collaboration is to create viable courses for a greener future and teach Danish students about the future of electricity and energy. Over 1,000 students visited us last year. This is a number we are VERY proud of. We are deeply humbled by the opportunity we have had to engage with this many young people, and we hope that we have sparked thoughts about a sustainable and electrified future.


Last year, we sponsored our 49er FX sailor girls Ida and Marie for the second year in a row and followed them in their exciting journey. One of the perks of our sponsorship is that we once again were lucky enough to go sailing with them in their 49er FX in September. That was fun!


2019 was our busiest year yet and it has been a year filled with new customers, employees, and projects. Again, we want to thank all of you who have followed us and helped us grow. We could not do it without you.

2020 is already well on its way and we are very enthusiastic, nervous, and optimistic about this brand new year. We have quite a few interesting plans that we hope to share with all of you during the course of the year.

In 2020, we are hitting the exhibition scenes once again and you’ll be able to come and meet us at Energy Storage Europe 2020 in Düsseldorf, Electrical Energy Storage 2020 in Munich, and SPARK in London among others.

We are ready to once more broaden the knowledge regarding batteries, energy storage, and renewable energy to everyone that we can!