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Livø now has a VisBlue battery

June 6, 2018

We are thrilled finally to be installing a 5kW and 40kWh battery on the small Danish island, Livø.

The Danish Nature Agency, under the Ministry of Environment and Food, bought this system from VisBlue this year to support their project “Grøn Livø”.

An off-grid paradise

Isolated from the mainland, Livø has always needed to be rather self-sufficient in many aspects. It is a small community with three families living on the island all year round. It has its own ecological demonstration-farmland and forestry, which is run by the Danish Nature Agency.

The local grocery store and Inn have their own supply of electrical energy from diesel generators. Up until now, these generators have supplied the buildings and the island’s 30.000 annual guests with electricity and heating.

Early on, Livø was quick to adapt to future initiatives. In 1920, Livø already had its own supply of electricity from an old windmill, and with governmental support the island has been a great demonstration unit for small scale renewable initiatives since 1980 when the Danish Nature Agency gained ownership of the operation of the island.

One of the recent development projects the Nature Agency has initiated together with COWI, Aalborg University, Realdania and ForskEL is called “Projekt Grøn Livø” (Project Green Livø). The project is set from 2012 to 2024 and has a collective budget of 64 mil. DKK ≈ € 8,6 mil.

In three parts, the project aims to ensure development of operating sustainably on the island, including innovative energy solutions, restoration of buildings and a new business concept for tourism. The innovative and sustainable energy solutions will be reflected in the renewable energy supply. A transition to renewable energy sources will complement the independent energy grid and the ecological agriculture on the island.

VisBlue will contribute by supplying a grid-integrated battery for energy storage and hereby permit a long-term self-sufficient energy production consisting solely on renewables.

The project on Livø will be a prime example of how to establish an independent decoupled energy grid in a feasible way.