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Off-grid - Livø

Livø - the first island in Denmark to install a VisBlue Battery Solution


Livø, a small Danish island situated in Limfjorden, has now been installed with a VisBlue Battery Solution. The island is completely isolated from the mainland and protected by The Danish Nature Agency (Naturstyrelsen).

Furthermore, Livø is the first island in Denmark to have a vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) system installed and in use. The electricity produced on Livø is utilised by the island’s town Livø By, its residents, farming, tourism, and additional buildings.

How it came to be

The project to supply Livø with its own sustainable energy began in 2012 and will continue until 2024. The project is in collaboration with Cowi, Aalborg University, ForskEL, Realdania, and VisBlue.

Livø showed an interest in sustainable energy storage solutions, which led to a collaboration and interest in VisBlue.

Completely off-grid

Livø can be described as an off-grid case, as the island is completely self-reliant when it comes to electricity.

Here, the VisBlue Battery Solution provides the island with a steady and reliable flow of electricity. In the past, the island has depended solely on generating electricity from three diesel engines, which recently have been accompanied by a solar cell panel and a small wind turbine.

Now, a VisBlue Battery Solution is also part of Livø’s power supply. The VisBlue Battery Solution has been installed having in mind the island’s growing needs and may, therefore, be upgraded with a battery with a larger capacity in the future.

Battery, sun and wind in harmony

The combination of the VisBlue Battery Solution storing surplus energy from both a solar cell panel and a wind turbine is an exciting one.

The energy produced from both sun and wind power is intermittent and, therefore, the residents and facilities of Livø are provided with electricity stored in the VisBlue Battery Solution, when the sun is not shining, and the wind is not blowing.