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Energy Storage

Save Your Sustainable Solar Energy, and Power Your Home at Night


The VisBlue Battery Solution does not use
conventional batteries, like other energy storage solutions, but is a self-developed battery, based on redox flow technology.


With the VisBlue Battery Solution the electrical power and storage capacity can be scaled independently. This means that you can get a battery that is tailored exactly to your needs.


The VisBlue Battery Solution has separated major
operating components (tanks, electrolyte, pumps, electrode stack etc.), that are either recyclable or reusable in different ways.

The VisBlue Battery is an energy storage solution built around a unique vanadium redox flow battery

The VisBlue Battery Solution can store the solar energy

 you produce in a day and power your home at night


How Does It Work?

• A vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) has two separate tanks, one containing a positive electrolyte and one negative electrolyte. Both electrolytes consist of the element vanadium dissolved in sulphuric acid, with the vanadium occurring in different oxidation states (valences).


• The battery has a number of battery cells as well. Each of these cells is divided into two chambers separated by a membrane, through which the ions can pass. In each chamber there is a positive or a negative electrode. The two electrolytes are pumped through the cells on their side of the membranes.


• The current from the solar panels is fed down into the cells’ electrodes, where it moves electrons from the positive to the negative electrolyte, charging the battery as the liquid flows back into the tank. During discharge, this process is then reversed.

Why Use
VisBlue's Battery

for Renewable

   Absolute scalability

   Lifespan of 20+ years

   Make grid purchase savings

   Internet-enabled monitoring and control

   Maximise your use of renewable energy sources

   Reduce carbon emissions

•  Inherent safety - non-flammable and non-explosive

Calculated Usage +

Calculated Energy Savings

= Optimum Battery Size

VisBlue has refined the technology and made it scalable so that it is usable in a variety of different contexts, e.g. industries, large blocks of flats, and private homes




From 25  to 500 kWh


Nominal power

From 5 to 100 kW in steps of 5 kW



80% at nominal power


Installation requirements

Installed with a hybrid inverter



20+ years

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