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VisBlue obtains status as spin-off FEUP

18. January 2018

The Engineering Faculty at the University of Porto has awarded VisBlue with the status "spin-off FEUP". FEUP encourages entrepreneurial activity and has been a great support in VisBlue's evolution and growth.

VisBlue welcomes a new investor

14. December 2017

VisBlue has successfully managed to attract a new, financially strong investor as well as receive another capital contribution from Borean to ensure further operation and development in the years to come.

VisBlue is proud to be part of ORBATS

29. November 2017

We are very proud to announce that VisBlue is working together with Vestas, Harvard University, DTU. Aarhus University and Lithium Balance in a new project called ORBATS. The project aims to find an electrolyte that is completely organic. This electrolyte will be used to substitute our vanadium solution in the future, making our battery 100 % organic and a lot less expensive. This will ensure a greener future as well as a better business case for our clients.


The project has a budget of 25 million DKK and a timespan of 3,5 years. This development will make our battery very competitive on the energy storage market and make it advantageous to install our batteries in private households.


VisBlue has qualified for EU funding

24. November 2017

VisBlue has been chosen to be a part of the EU’s SME Instrument 2020 Horizon. We are extremely proud that a distinguished institution like the EU believes in our battery and our vision.


The funding consists of 50.000 Euros which we will use to make a detailed business plan for growth in Denmark as well as the rest of the EU. More specifically, the funding will be aimed at exploring possibilities within production, sales and authorizations. The funding makes it possible for us to advance our business actions and make a clear-cut plan for the future. This would not be possible without the SME Instrument resources.


However, this is only the first fase of the SME Instrument program. For the second fase we will apply for 2 million Euros, which will be put towards carrying out our business plan. This means that by 2020 we will be ready for market launch and will expand our number of partnerships as well.

Meet VisBlue at the Electrica fair in Porto from the 23rd to the 26th of November

23. November 2017

VisBlue will join Nemotek's booth C54 in pavilion nº4 at the Electrica fair in Porto, Portugal from the 23rd to the 26th of November. Electrica is an international fair dedicated to the electric and electronic sector. Stop by and have a chat with us or check out our demo-model to get a better sense of how our battery works.

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