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Livø news

6 June 2018

Week 23 of 2018, and we are thrilled finally to be installing a 40kWh battery on the small Danish island, Livø. The Danish Nature Agency, under the Ministry of Environment and Food, bought this system from VisBlue this year to support their project “Grøn Livø”.


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Ministerial visit in the Netherlands

24 May 2018

Last week, when VisBlue took part in Lab Vlilands fossil-free trade mission, we were given the opportunity to introduce a very interested Danish Minister of Environment and Food, Jakob Ellemann-Jensen, how we can contribute towards a Green Transformation. The Minister was attentive to the potential in storing energy for multiple purposes and had a good chat with our newest board member Søren Niebuhr.


VisBlue sees the mission as an interesting experience to look at energy storage on a small scale on the Wadden islands.

Furthermore, it is interesting to discuss energy storage in the Netherlands because of their initiatives in sustainable solutions. The other Dutch and German startups and participants at the trade mission are excellent examples of a many-faced involvement in sustainability.

Island hopping in the Netherlands

17 May 2018

This week Søren Niebuhr is representing VisBlue at the world’s first fossil-free trade mission in the Dutch Wadden Sea. The trade mission is hosted by Lab Vlieland.


Together with 14 other sustainability startups from the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark, VisBlue is island hopping between 3 islands. Here we will present our solution for sustainable energy storage, as well as meet and greet with other innovative startups.


The trip will be concluded Friday with the presentation of a manifesto for the trilateral trade mission.


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Increasing your return on investment

8 May 2018

The initial price is often what the economic focus of new buildings revolves around. People still cling to the belief that sustainable solutions are too expensive, and therefore a commercially infeasible investment.


However, new international data now shows that calculating the ROI by solely looking at the initial price is inadequate due to the fact that sustainable building are able to yield a substantially higher return on investment than unsustainable solutions.

Back in January, COWI announced that they have developed a new calculation method for the ROI, which includes long term parameters increasing return, exit value and lowering risk.


This is all something VisBlue can proudly help realise. The initial investment of our energy storage solution permits higher return on investment over time and it furthermore boosts other sustainable solutions in the building which benefits both investor and tenants.


Click here to read the article by Per Stabell Monby

Cradle to Cradle - win, win, win

8 March 2018

Here at VisBlue, we constantly put an effort into optimising our product and business, and one of the things that we're currently working on is creating a more circular economy for our business to the benefit of our customers, us in VisBlue, and the environment.

When we ensure to take this into account, our customers don’t have to.


VisBlue has been granted funds from the EU to start our own “Rethink Business” Project. Along with funding, we’ve been granted an external consultant to help formulate, how we can implement the ‘Cradle to Cradle’ mindset into our business case.










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