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Battery plants for the housing association Lille Birkholm I & II

23 August 2018

In 2019, VisBlue will deliver eight battery plants to the housing association Lille Birkholm I & II in Herlev, Denmark.


The problem

Both solar and wind power are becoming increasingly popular, and we are, therefore, faced with the problem: What happens to the surplus electricity that is not utilised? Here VisBlue enters the picture. The VisBlue Battery Solution enables the energy produced throughout the day to be stored and used at night, or whenever the sun does not shine, or the wind does not blow.


How it works

Lille Birkholm is equipped with a solar cell panel, which provides the housing association with energy, where surplus electricity will be stored in VisBlue’s Battery Solutions. The installation of the eight VisBlue Battery Solutions will be able to provide all 800 households in the housing association with electricity. Following, the battery system ensures that the housing association uses as much of the electricity produced from the solar cell panel as possible.


Lille Birkholm consists of 20 electricity sections, and VisBlue has managed to scale this down to just eight battery plants with the capacity to cover all sections. The battery system will be able to take the energy produced from the solar cell panel in the sections that the panel is attached to.


The total capacity of the eight VisBlue Batteries is 175 kW with a storage capacity of 540 kWh.


Future housing associations

Søren Bødker, CEO of VisBlue, is very positive towards this development and explains: “This is a huge opportunity for VisBlue. A battery system, such as the one we are developing for Lille Birkholm, shows larger housing associations that it is a good investment to install our battery. We are looking at this project as a showcase, which, for other housing associations, can show that a more financially viable and environmental energy storage solution is possible.”


The project is expected to be finished in 2019.

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