Birkerød Children's House

Birkerød Children's House, Rudersdal Municipality, Denmark

Sustainable Flow Battery to Power Green Energy in Rudersdal Municipality’s New Sustainable Children's House. Even when the sun doesn’t shine.

When the new sustainable Børnehus Birkerød opens its doors soon, it will feature solar panels on the roof and an intelligent flow battery to store energy from the solar panels and the grid when it’s most cost-effective. This ensures that Rudersdal Municipality's new Birkerød Children’s House is supplied with cheap, green electricity on days when the sun isn’t shining, or electricity prices soar.

Rudersdal Municipality has worked hard to build a sustainable children’s house in harmony with nature. Therefore, they have adopted a conservation approach, utilizing the site's existing nature and its possibilities as efficiently as possible, including solar energy.

With the investment in a durable and recyclable flow battery with intelligent management from VisBlue, the Children’s House will be able to store excess energy from their solar panels and/or from the grid when prices are low, and save it for later use.

Flow Batteries – An Environmentally Friendly, Safe, and Durable Battery

It’s no coincidence that Rudersdal Municipality chose VisBlue’s flow batteries. They use an environmentally friendly and durable technology without the use of critical materials like cobalt and lithium. Instead, the battery stores energy in a water-based solution consisting of 85 percent water, with added acid and the mineral vanadium.

“We chose VisBlue’s flow batteries because they are the sustainable choice in terms of environment, safety, and economy.”
“The flow battery is a key player in achieving our goal of an energy-efficient house,” says Christian.
“With the battery, we get the most out of the electricity we produce ourselves through our solar panels, which reduces our overall energy consumption.”

-Christian Gothenborg, Energy Manager in Rudersdal Municipality

VisBlue is pleased to hear that Rudersdal Municipality chose VisBlue as the supplier for Birkerød Children’s House.

“VisBlue was created with the ambition of offering consumers a responsible battery in terms of both environment and safety. It’s great that municipalities are recognizing the technology.”

-Søren Bødker, CEO and co-founder of VisBlue.