'Strandskolen'  is located in Risskov, Aarhus municipality. Strandskolen's primary goal is to create professionalism, well-being and community among the many students who attend the school on a daily basis. In addition to central core values ​​for the students' learning and well-being, the school has also chosen to have an ongoing focus on sustainable development. Strandskolen has therefore chosen to work with and towards the UN's 17 world goals, which, in addition to adorning all classrooms, are also processed and discussed in teaching. As part of this, Strandskolen has scheduled one week a year for working with the world goals. The school hopes to attract further attention to this initiative, so that the whole local community can become an active part of this week.


At Strandskolen, a multitude of objectives under the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals are being pursued simultaneously, including regular tasks such as paper sorting and monitoring of consumption. Sustainable energy is also a central factor for the school, which is why the school has chosen to implement solar energy as a driving force in the sustainable energy initiative. Strandskolen has had a VisBlue battery installed of the order of magnitude 8 kW 40 kWh. The battery is placed on the school grounds in a 20-foot container with plexiglass, so that all the school's students can follow the operation. In addition, the school has received a smaller prototype of the battery for the physics/chemistry classes, so that the students can inspect on their own what a battery of this type can do for sustainable energy and how creativity can be used to lift the problems the world is facing.

strandskolen luftfoto

The idea of ​​investing in sustainable energy is required by the idea that Strandskolen's students must be properly dressed to assume the role of global citizens. The work with the UN's global goals is thus a part of dressing the students skillfully, so that the students can live a proper life and also pass on the world in a proper condition to future generations. It is thus a central ambition for Strandskolen that their students acquire global citizenship and, in the long run, are able to face tomorrow's challenges with a responsible and creative mind.

With the acquisition of an 8 kW 40kWh battery from VisBlue, Strandskolen sharpens its focus on sustainability, more specifically; The UN's global goal no. 7 "Sustainable energy". Strandskolen not only manages to store their own solar energy with significant financial savings, they also manage to promote growth and help the environment and in this way involve themselves in sustainable development.