Sustainable cooperation between municipality, school and local business.

Mårslet School, located just south of Aarhus, is built on three fundamental principles: Desire, Life, and Learning. The school caters to approximately 800 students every day and strives to foster collaboration, creativity, and analytical thinking in them. The aim is to prepare the students to navigate through a constantly evolving world and enable them to pursue their chosen profession.

mårslet skole airphoto

A changing world also requires new thinking, and this is reflected in the school's commitment to sustainable energy. The school is supplied with energy daily from its 1,200 square meter solar system on the school's roof. Furthermore, the school has since installed a sustainable battery that can store the solar energy so that excess energy produced from the solar cells does not just have to be sold to the electricity grid, but can instead be used during the less sunny hours.

The battery works in a purely practical way in that the energy is stored in four large tanks containing a mixture of 85% water and 15% sulfuric acid with a solution of the electrolyte vanadium. The battery therefore does not require any fire-related measures, as the contents are not flammable. By optimising the school's own utilisation of their energy production from the solar cells, Mårslet School can save DKK 30,000 annually on their electricity bill. With a lifespan of at least 20 years, a battery of this size can therefore save the school at least DKK 600,000 on their electricity bill.

The creation of the project was a collaboration between Aarhus municipality, Mårslet school and the developers of the battery, the Aarhus company VisBlue. Part of the battery was paid for by a green pool from Aarhus municipality, which intends to support green technologies from local companies. The installation of the battery is thus a project that will pave the way for the spread of the battery solution from VisBlue, and it is therefore possible that Aarhus municipality will acquire more batteries for other buildings in the municipality.

The mayor of Aarhus municipality, Jacob Bundsgaard, also says the following about the project and VisBlue:

"It is a local company that has a really exciting solution that can help make our schools and other buildings even greener. There is no doubt that it can be used in many places in the municipality if it succeeds. But it also has potential all over the world.”